Introducing the pMonitor from Preston Lane Consulting.

pMonitor is an application designed to monitor PROMIS and
provide System Managers with a real-time display of their
system's status and performance and to alert them to
potential problems.
pMonitor monitors the health of your PROMIS system and
the response times of PROMIS, PROMIS/TP and ODS. It can
alert you when problems arise or when performance
pMonitor knows how to analyze your response time
data and comes with a Microsoft Access database that
can be used for further investigation.

It can run in the background and silently keep track of
your system until a problem arises. Then it alerts you to
the source of the trouble.
pMonitor will be available early in 2010. Want to help? Contact us and send an email with your comments and suggestions.
For more details see the pMonitor data
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