Basic System

Our application training offerings cover a wide range of subjects, from Basic PROMIS training to specialized areas like
Equipment Maintenance and Management and Engineering Data Analysis. Please see the
Application Training menu for a
detailed description of all the training courses we offer in this area.

Basic System

New employees often need to familiarize themselves with the PROMIS environment and the operating system that supports it.
For a detailed description of the training we can provide in this area, please see the
Basic System Training menu.


PROMIS System Managers, Integrators, Database Administrators and Programmers need specialized training. For a detailed
description of the training we can provide for these individuals, please see the
System Training menu.


New versions of PROMIS have brought new GUI based client applications. We can help train your staff on the use and
management of these applications. Please see the
GUI Training menu for a description of the courses we offer in this area.

Training Assessment

Staff training is an important part of any organization. We can provide PROMIS and training experts to evaluate your current
training methodology and provide feedback and suggest improvements or places where upgrades may be required. Please see
Training Assessment  data sheet for a description of this offering.

Custom Training

We can provide custom training materials geared to your environment, system and databases. Materials that use your process
flows, equipment and terminology will make training your staff more efficient and more effective.
Contact us for details.

Train the Trainer

We can provide PROMIS experts to work with your training staff. Together we can produce just the right materials for your
Contact us for details.
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