Our consultants aim to provide the best in service and support for users of Manufacturing Execution Systems worldwide. We have a
wide range of skills to help you with all your requirements. We can supply MES expertise for:

  •  Training
  •  Testing
  •  Programming
  •  Customization
  •  Application Integration

  •  Upgrades
  •  Installations

  •  Reporting Solutions
  •  System Performance Assessments
  •  Database Management

Principal Consultant

Mary Lane has over 25 years experience with Manufacturing Execution Systems.

Additionally she has over 35 years experience in software development specializing in the VMS, Open/VMS and HP-UX operating
systems and Oracle databases.

Service Partners

Lloyd Pritchard Consulting Limited


For the curious, Preston is  a place, not a person. It is the
name of the mine site in Northern Ontario where I grew
up. It was a gold mine near Timmins, Ontario, Canada. My
father was the chief geologist and it was a very fine place
indeed to be a kid - Mary Lane.
Preston Lane
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